Month: October 2014

October Sun

Good Morning October sun,

You are my favorite sun. No, I do not say that to all my sons. You are the warmest and least intrusive. I wake up to you and I feel like the cat is purring next to me. That is if I had a cat. You make every morning feel like a weekend, you do not demand coffee, iron, clothes, and checking today’s agenda on the calender. You greet me, in the ice cold sheets to say “hi there, its beautiful outside, I think you should see this.” Every time I open the door existing my apartment building, there you are. You’re sitting on the horizon swinging your feet like kids on the bench; toes can’t reach the sidewalk yet, so you’re making lemonade out of lemons. You never blind me, give me the finger, or hide from me. I don’t feel ugly in front of you, and neither would my ugly sweater. You accept us all, summer lovers and winter lovers you’re that third party vote that seems to even things out. Thank you for bringing back the orange in my auburn hair. It was looking pretty brown. Thanks for warming my car up for me, I can tell it was a little icy last night due to the blanket of drops. Thanks for helping us all ease into the winter months nice and easy. We west coasters don’t handle the dark very well, nor the cold. I do adore my pea-coat, so thanks for being a pal and letting it slide. I know its not winter yet, but I like to be bundled up. Yesterday I took a look at my shadow and it seemed less distant than before, did you do that too? I wish you were here for longer than a month, but I am going to try and make the most of our time together. How about we start with a walk in the park today at noon? I’ll order that pumpkin spice latte you love so much and we can sit and watch the last few weeks we have with the Lauralhurst Park ducks.