The Chase

Some chase tornadoes, some chase trains. Some chase after love, some after revenge. Some chase dreams, some chasing death. It seems everyone is after something, everyone is in motion.What a busy world we live in, Its rare I find someone chase nothing, and when I do I envy them and I judge them. I will admit I have been trained to think that not wanting more, not seeking to grow is a poor virtue, but its looking pretty nice from where I sit these days. My ego tells me I am not smart enough, and capable to do more. Well, aren’t most of us capable of more? Then why are we not more? Perhaps its the chase that we are hungry for, not the kill. Smelling the meal was always more enticing then eating. But we are also conflicted, because we have been taught instant gratification. Its rare I find someone who has been working toward something over a long period of time. So much so that it took endurance, will power, overcoming self doubt…. to reach a desired state. I envy them and I admire them. In my mind those are the ones who have given up on the chase, they believe nothing is out of reach. Its right here, right now. In every moment, there is fulfillment. Our new age mentors tell us to focus on the breath, to be more present. I agree that is sound advice. But it doesn’t have to be in meditation, it can be wherever you feel your fulfillment, your momentum driving you home to the present moment. So chase tornadoes if you feel fulfilled by it. Chase trains if your intent is not to reach out to it. And chase after love if you know that you already the embodiment of it. Chase death, if you understand its inevitability. And if you can, chase nothing. Sit with your legs crossed, your third eye high, and smile…  because you know it was worth the wait.


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