Facing the Elements

I like to watch the plants on my windows sill,

Stretching for sun with every fiber in their body.

Even when I come home from work they are still reaching for the stars.

I’m 25,

Which either means you’re still in food service,

you’re broke in graduate school,

you’re living with your parents, or

you’re actually trying to make it and stuck with the entry level job

where you are the youngest one in the office.

I am the later.

These days, you have social media friends and you have work friends.

You’re lucky to maintain up to date relationships with people outside those circles.

My social media friends are inspiring and remind me of how much I miss home.

Why did I leave home?

My work friends are on second and third marriages

and have become accustomed to grey cubicles and polite phone calls

while secretly developing a heart attack in their chairs.

Is this really what I am headed for?

I’m a dancer,

Which means when you are on the dance floor

and a song plays

You dance with every fiber in your body.

You dance and dance and pray

That even when the song is over

You still want to reach for the stars

Even it means sitting in grey cubicles getting paid enough to get by.

I like to watch the plants on the window sill,

There are the only thing left in this world growing at my pace.

I live in 2015

Which means instant twitter gratifications,

Facebook emotional rants.

Text.  Messages.

Good Lord, that little envelope in the top row of my phone is a little pinch of anxiety

Yes world, feed me your wants and needs for an instant response.

Unless its an “I love you” or a funny cat picture, please don’t .

On occasion it is, which is why I love my family and why I keep checking.

It used to be planes, trains, and automobiles

that made this world feel like it was spinning faster than 24 hours a day.

Now its touch screens, video calls, phone calls, texts, flashing billboards, the internet.

I’m a dancer,

Which means I can escape once in a while

and be present with a human being

without asking for anything.

I’m a human,

Which means I still have the world to go back to after the dance is over

I’m made from the same world the plants on my window sill are,

Which means,

I am capable of giving it all I got

The elements will challenge me, but they will also support me.

I’ve got this.elements


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